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La Vie Parisienne

Considered by many as risqué and scandalous, La Vie Parisienne was a magazine with quite a reputation at the turn of the 20th century! It’s subscribers included Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and King Edward VII of England but it was banned by Belgium during WW1 and General Pershing warned American troops against reading it. Needless to say it became wildly popular!

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How Christmas is Celebrated in Paris

By Lisa Rankin Paris is a beautiful city any time of the year, but during the Christmas season, it is especially so. It’s chilly, with temperatures averaging in the mid-forties. […]

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The Noble Beginnings of French Chocolate

There’s nothing more satisfying than savoring the velvety smoothness of delectable French chocolate. During your time in Paris, indulging in some French chocolate is something that is a must-do experience. […]

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19 Unique Tips for Traveling to Paris

1. The Eiffel Tower, many people dream of eating inside… but it’s much better to eat at a restaurant with a great view of the tower. The meal will be […]

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Living the Dream with Artist Elaine Biss

We sat down with artist Elaine Biss of Elaine Biss Designs to learn what inspires her gorgeous French-style paintings and how you can find your inner artist too.   Tell […]

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A Day Trip to Fontainebleau with AmericanConcierge.com

The best ways to make the most of a day trip to the palace of Fontainebleau from Paris. Here at AmericanConcierge.com, we love taking day trips from Paris, many of […]

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