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The Saddest Memorial in Paris

By Anne Swardson Part 2 of the series on Memorials in Paris I’ve been thinking about war a lot lately. The war in Ukraine, of course. But also, what is […]

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Sites of Remembrance We Do Not See

by Anne Swardson First of two parts I have never seen an empty space that was so moving. Six bronze figures in military uniform, five men and one woman, stand […]

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A Free and Refreshing Way to Wet Your Whistle in Paris

While visiting Paris, on your wanderings through the city, you may have passed by some of these gems in public parks, in the streets and squares throughout the neighborhoods of Paris and not have realized that they are there for you to use. Today there are 120 of these cast iron, elegant beauties, mostly colored forest green, but you will spot some in more avant-garde colors in bold red, pink, blue and yellow, located in the 13th district in the southwest of Paris…

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The Earthly Delight of Terroir

By Lisa Rankin For those of us who have lived in France, walking along the cheese aisles in any other country is often proven to be a more or less […]

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French Superstitions Around Food: The Do’s and Don’ts of Eating in France

by Lisa Rankin Although eating out in Paris is a must do when visiting the city, it is important to be polite and if you can, remember customs specific to […]

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La Vie Parisienne

Considered by many as risqué and scandalous, La Vie Parisienne was a magazine with quite a reputation at the turn of the 20th century! It’s subscribers included Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and King Edward VII of England but it was banned by Belgium during WW1 and General Pershing warned American troops against reading it. Needless to say it became wildly popular!

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