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Why is Greenwich, England, the Center of Time?

By HistoryFacts.com About the website:  I find these stories so interesting and wanted to share yet another … especially for those of us who love language and are curious about […]

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Walking the Spirit: Black History in the Heart of Paris with Julia Browne

Cultivating Creativity: The Essence of Black History in France About the Podcast: France has been motivating people for decades to create and live a more inspired life. La Vie Creative […]

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Why There Are So Many French Words in English

French has influenced more than just the modern English vocabulary, however. It also changed pronunciation in many ways — such as not pronouncing a final unaccented “e” on a word, as well as how “g” now sounds in words such as “mirage.” Grammar and spelling were impacted, too: For instance, titles such as “consul general” retained the French manner of following a noun with the adjective, while words such as “queen” and “should” were spelled as “cwen” and “scolde” in Old English, until the French influence changed the language landscape forever.

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7 Things You Didn’t Know About Winston Churchill

By: Historyfacts.com Winston Churchill is widely regarded as one of the greatest leaders of the 20th century, especially for his role in guiding Britain and the Allies to victory in World War […]

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France and Mexico Fought a War over Pastries

After Mexico won its independence from Spain in 1821, its political environment was unstable, and its relationship with France — another European colonial power — was tense. These tensions came to a head in 1832, when a group of Mexican army officers went into a pastry shop outside Mexico City.

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Let There Be Light

By Amber Minogue About Amber: Amber is a British ex-pat, happily living in Pari. She works as a teacher, a voice over artist and certified guide and has imaginatively combined […]

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