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Paris, Love and the Reputation of a City

For as long as I can remember, Paris has been described, as the city of love and romance.

This reputation has been built on a social, cultural and political history, that has earnestly stoked this opinion and fanned international flames of desire, for the capital city of France.

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All of Paris Stops Here

To some people, the symbol of Paris is the Eiffel Tower. To others, it’s the Arc de Triomphe or the Louvre. To me, the symbol of Paris is a train station: The Gare du Nord, North Station. It represents everything about France’s capital city, good and bad.
It has stunning architecture.

It’s filled with art.

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The Best Food Market in Paris

Scratch a Parisian, and they will tell you why the food market where they shop is the best. Tourist guides also make recommendations, such as here, here and here.  Open-air food markets are an essential part of cooking and no one who wants fresh, tasty ingredients would turn to a grocery store.

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A Little Love Letter to the D’Orsay

Upon my arrival to Paris, and much to my chagrin; I had yet to “choose” my favorite Cezanne painting. In fact, and perhaps more appropriately [as per Rilke], it really hadn’t chosen me. I decided to wander D’Orsay today with no map, with only a keen eye, certainly waiting for the moment as I turned the corner and there they would be.

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How I Took the High Road in Paris

By Anne Swardson There is something extraordinary about viewing a city from 30 feet above the ground. You are at once removed from the daily struggles on the street and […]

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The Saddest Memorial in Paris

By Anne Swardson Part 2 of the series on Memorials in Paris I’ve been thinking about war a lot lately. The war in Ukraine, of course. But also, what is […]

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