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We help Americans immerse themselves in a Parisian experience through personalized Paris itineraries that include private tours & unique experiences. Our itineraries are made for first time Paris travelers as well as those who don't need a map to navigate Montmartre.

Let’s work together to make your trip to Paris magical.
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The cheese experience was beyond compare, it was completely an over the top, once-in-a-lifetime event.
Gregg, Indiana
I felt comfortable having someone there who could speak the language and knew their way around.
Harriet, Chicago
They are so much more than a tour guide, more like a relative who is showing off their city
Karen, New York
In less than one day, I had all the knowledge of a Parisian, and the rest of my trip was a breeze.
Michael, New York
Thank you for providing me an authentic local experience.
Brenda, California
My daughter and I not only learned a lot at the markets and in the kitchen, but we also enjoyed what may be our best meal in Paris.
Anita, California
You and your team have opened up new adventures for me in my favorite city... My heart is still singing from my experiences last year.
Jean, California
I had an absolutely delightful time in Paris... I am very grateful for the effort that you put into organizing so many fun and engaging activities.

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The Complete Versailles

First built in 1624 by Louis XIII, Versailles covers over 2,000 acres. See it with us in three unique ways: Private Tour, Small Group Biking Tour, Private Behind The Scenes Tour.


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