Walking the Spirit: Black History in the Heart of Paris with Julia Browne

May 07, 2024

Cultivating Creativity: The Essence of Black History in France

About the Podcast:
France has been motivating people for decades to create and live a more inspired life. La Vie Creative is a weekly podcast  all about creatives in Paris and beyond, hosted by American Expat Krystal Kenney. Designed to help you enrich your inner artist and tap into your innovative gifts.  

Julia’s tours highlight the significance of Black history in shaping not only French culture and identity but that of the world. From the jazz clubs of the Roaring Twenties to the impactful presence of Black figures like Josephine Baker, James Baldwin, Langston Hughes, the Nardal sisters, and many others, the threads of Black heritage intricately weave into the fabric of France and beyond.



Evolution of Tours: From Cue Cards to Cinematic Explorations

Julia’s tours have evolved over time, from humble beginnings with cue cards to now offering a plethora of experiences, including bus walking tours, online personalized tours, and customized itineraries for travelers looking to experience and learn about Black history in other cities and countries. Each tour is a dynamic exploration of Black heritage in Paris, allowing visitors to connect with the city’s diverse history and cultural significance. Besides tours, Julia and the Walk the Spirit team partnered with Blue Lion Film to create two documentaries on Black history in Paris and France, Paris Noir: African Americans in the City of Light and Fighting for Respect.



Defining Creativity: A Personal Exploration

When it comes to creativity, Julia’s definition resonates deeply – it is about listening to one’s inner voice, finding solutions, and expressing oneself authentically. Whether through art, music, or everyday endeavors, creativity manifests in the unique ways we navigate the world and solve challenges that come our way.

Embrace the Legacy: Black History is World History

Julia Browne reminds us that Black history is not confined to a specific community but is an integral part of world history. The narratives, triumphs, and legacies of Black individuals resonate across borders, inviting us all to embrace the richness of diverse heritage. History is not just a chapter in a book; it’s a living, breathing thing that helps us all gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for our global heritage.


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