Traveling to Paris? Read these tips first.

August 18, 2015

Did You Know these facts about Paris?

• French wine doesn’t give you a headache if you drink enough of it (or so we like to believe).
• Strikes are a part of life in Paris… to stay in the know visit http://france.usembassy.gov/usc_demonotice.html
• Pick pocketing happens; best to keep your wallets and phones inside of your jackets, not in outside pockets.
• Traveling in Paris- Metro tickets can get demagnetized so keep them away from electrical devices or anything metallic.
• Tipping is already included in the bill but it’s good to leave 1-2 Euros on the table if the service is good.
• Parisians expect you to say “Bonjour” when you enter a store or restaurant and “Au Revoir” when you leave. (For extra care, treat your waiter like family).
• Watch out for bike lanes; they can be anywhere on the sidewalks as well as in the streets.
• They sell sugar and salted popcorn in movie theaters. FYI: American or British films are mostly in original language with French subtitles.
• Bring a coin purse. They use a lot of them and too much change makes for heavy pockets.
• American coffee is called “Café American.” If you order a “Coffee” you may get an Expresso –and just being in Paris is enough of a high.

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