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Making Memories in Paris

Explore the limitless alleyways. French antiques from furniture to jewelry and everything in

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Is there April Fools in Paris?

You know one of the best parts of visiting another country is learning new traditions and how they’re similar or different around the world. April fools in Paris is a […]

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What is Paris like during the Tour de France?

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My Paris Makeover

Fashion is fashion; style is forever – Coco Chanel There’s no doubt that fashion has played a big role in my life – and not just my self-image. I started […]

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How to Survive an Overnight Flight

When it comes to international travel, overnight flights are a necessary evil. What better way to save a precious vacation day and maximize your time on the ground, right? While […]

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An off the beaten path guide to the best of Paris!

I always have a good morning when I stop and pick up an almond butter chocolate croissant from La Flûte de Meaux, which luckily for me is my closest Paris […]

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