Medieval Monarchs & Revolutionary Villains (History & Horrors for Kids)

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Saint Louis’s beautiful Sainte Chapelle, an exquisite example of Rayonnant Gothic architecture, is famous for its luminous stained-glass windows and superb statuary. But little-known stories about the Crusader king – his adventures in reclaiming precious relics from Venetian pawnbrokers, his untimely death in Tunisia and the creative repatriation of his body to France, and more – are revealed in this fascinating tour. The nearby Conciergerie with its magnificent vaulting, once part of Louis IX’s elegant palace, morphed into a sinister prison centuries later during “La Terreur,” the reign of a tyrannical police state during the French Revolution.

Relive the darker side of history during this unforgettable 2-hour tour, which includes viewing Marie-Antoinette’s chapel.

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