Passion for Perfume: A Perfume Journey in Paris

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Float through inspiring and beautiful scents on this unique perfume tour.

Where do perfume ingredients come from? What does a perfumer do? How do we educate our noses and become knowledgeable perfume lovers? Why and how did France become THE country for perfume?

This private Perfume journey is for people who want to lift the curtain on the best-kept secrets of perfumery.

Begin this tour in Marais with a review of the history and evolution of perfume in France, in the salon of the charming Hotel de Jobo, fashioned after the infamous coquette Josephine Bonaparte. Then test your own nose on the specific scents used to create some of the world’s most recognised fragrances  –and end with an opportunity to choose your own unique perfume.  [NOTE: In good weather, the tour begins outdoors in a small park.]

Guided by a perfume expert and lover, you’ll get an introduction to the world of fragrances, its history, and current trends while discovering several beautiful and undisclosed fragrance boutiques, chosen for their warm welcome and their remarkable fragrances.

Tour Length: 2 hours

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