Covered Paris Passages Walking Tour

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Explore Paris’s Intricate 19th-century covered passages on an informative privately guided walking tour.

Tour Description

This private walking tour will take you to enter a magical time machine, to explore the captivating labyrinths of Paris’s 19th-century passageways. Off the tourist track, these new shopping centers hold everything from contemporary jewelry, designer clothes to walking sticks, toy shops, cutting-edge photography, bric-a-brac, art supplies, and vintage fashion. You’ll find beautiful bookstores and art galleries, and one of the best wine shops in Paris. Film buffs will delight in troves of rare cinema posters, while stamp collectors find their dreams at various philatelists. Lined with mosaics and topped with skylit roofs, each arcade has its distinctive architecture and charm. Dining options include many turn of the century bistros or chic and trendy restaurants.

Tour Length: 3 hours


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