5 Day Normandy Itinerary

Normandy Beach Tour, just one part of the Normandy Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Paris

Morning: Airport Pickup & Orientation

A view of Paris from inside a dimly lit airplaneAfter completing your long flight, one of our guides will meet you to start you off answering any of your questions about Paris and making recommendations. Your concierge will be outside baggage claim with croissants to take you to your hotel by private car, train, or taxi through Gare du Nord. You’ll have sights explained to you along the way, or you can learn the metro system if you decided to go by train. Once at your destination, your concierge will also give you information about the neighborhood.


Dinner: Reservation at le Hotel Meurice

You’ll enjoy a delightful meal in this historic hotel, which sits opposite the Tuileries Garden. This landmark hotel opened in 1815 and was taken over during the German occupation from September 1940 to August 1944. Now it’s a 5 star rated hotel that houses a Michelin Star rated restaurant.


Day 2: Tours on the Occupation of Paris with a Lecture on the French Resistance

Morning: WWII German Occupation of Paris

A Cemetery in Normandy, a must visit on our Normandy ItineraryFor this tour, your concierge will meet you at your hotel. This walking tour starts in the Jewish quarter of the Marais district followed by a walk to the Hotel de Ville and the Prefecture where FFI fighters battled the last Nazis. We’ll continue to the Notre Dame Cathedral where General Charles de Gaulle attended a Mass in honor of the liberation of Paris on August 25, 1944.  Next stop on our trip is the Louvre where important masterpieces were removed in 1939 by the Nazis nearly a year before the German invasion. We’ll pass by the Hotel Meurice, a former German Headquarters, and the rue Cambon where Coco Chanel kept her shop open during the war while she stayed with her German officer lover at the nearby Ritz Hotel. The tour will end at the Place de la Concorde to view plaques which list the names of allied soldiers shot down by the Germans during the liberation of Paris. In this same location, there is the Jeu de Paume Museum, where Germans held goods confiscated from Jewish-owned art galleries, bank vaults, and residences. [This 3-hour private tour includes hotel pickup]

Lunch and Lecture: Café de l’Esplanade

You’ll enjoy lunch at Café de l’Esplanade accompanied by an expert on the matter for a conversation about the French Resistance. En route to the restaurant, we’ll view statues depicting Winston Churchill and Charles de Gaulle as they strode down the Champs Elysees during the Victory March.


Afternoon: Visit the Charles de Gaulle Monument and Army Museum of the Invalides

The Charles de Gaulle Monument is an interactive multimedia space dedicated to the work of this great public figure, leader of the Free French Forces and founding President of the Fifth Republic. This audiovisual room traces the history of Charles de Gaulle, immersing visitors into the itinerary of the 20th century, on which he left his mark. Still and animated archival images—news, posters, photographs—are combined with and supplemented by filmed interviews with historians, multimedia books, entertainment news, and an interactive world map. Equipped with an autonomous infrared device, you’ll choose your path and build an itinerary through 400 audiovisual documents and nearly 20 hours of commentary available through audio-guide headphones. [Self-guided Tour]


Day 3: Travel to Normandy

Morning: Travel to Normandy

After arranging tickets prior, you’d take an early morning train from Gare St. Lazare to Bayeux to begin your Normandy Itinerary. Your tour guide will start your journey of Normandy after meeting you at the train station. You’ll have an informative discussion until reaching a destination to drop off your luggage.


Lunch: Café Reine Mathilde

You can stop into this exquisite restaurant at the beautiful Hotel Reine Mathilde for a locally-inspired lunch.  Your guide will accompany you with stories and facts of Normandy.


Evening: The Bayeux Cathedral and the Bayeux Tapestry  

After lunch, you’ll embark on a tour of the Notre Dame de Bayeux Cathedral, which spans the 11th to the 15th century, its unique triple nave and interior that combine elements of Romanesque and High Gothic styles. Your guide will discuss the fascinating history of the incredible cathedral and its architecture. Then, you’ll stroll to a nearby museum for an extraordinary view of the 230-foot long Bayeux tapestry, which depicts key events that led up to the Norman conquest of England and the Battle of Hastings. It will be an unforgettable experience. Along the way, you’ll stop by ‘old Bayeux’ the historic center, untouched during the events of 1944, which retains its rich heritage comprising timber-framed houses, manors, and townhouses.


Evening Cocktails: Discussion of Allied Military Strategies

Over cocktails in your hotel, you’ll have an in-depth discussion on allied military strategies. The conversation will be accompanied by a slide show, that will be given by a knowledgable expert on the subject. You’ll be informed on the following day’s tour.


Dinner: La Rapiére

At this superb Michelin restaurant that’s located in a medieval street in the heart of Bayeux, you’ll enjoy a gastronomic meal. You’ll enjoy an incredible 16th-century atmosphere in this dining room.


Day 4: Normandy Beach Tours
Morning: Your guide will accompany you on a walking tour of Normandy’s historic beaches:  

The beach tours are a fantastic addition to the Normandy Itinerary, see where the action happened up close.

–  American Military Cemetery at Coleville-sur-Mer

–  Omaha Beach

–  Pointe du Hoc


Lunch: At the Isigny-sur-Mer


Afternoon: We’ll continue on our walking tours of Normandy’s historic beaches by going to:

–  Utah Beach

– Ste Mére Eglise

– The Airborne Museum


Evening: Dinner in Bayeux


Day 5: Normandy Cheese & Calvados   


Private Paris Cheese TastingFollow the ‘terroir trail’ on an exceptional tasting adventure regional Norman products, including savory cheeses–buttery-textured Camemberts, pungent Livarots, creamy Neufchatels and golden-colored Pont-l’Eveques. Also, don’t’ forget to discover the famous Calvados apple brandy.


Afternoon: Travel back to Paris


Evening: Dinner at Lasserre  


Day 6: Depart Paris Return to Airport for a flight home


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