Our Top 11 Things to See and Do in The Marais

November 08, 2019

The Marais, what was once a marsh and not important enough to be included in King Phillippe Auguste’s wall around Paris, is now a hot spot and one of the most desirable residential areas in Paris. An eclectic mixture of fashion and Jewish history, this neighborhood is not to be missed by history and art lovers alike. Even if you can’t afford the high priced apartments you can still enjoy the area like a local wandering its diverse streets.


L’As du falafel – 34 Rue des Rosiers

No visit to the Marais is complete without a stop at this famed falafel shop. You can’t miss it, just look for the long line of tourists and locals alike standing in front of their dark green facade. Chosen as “the best falafel” in Paris, and hyped even more by a visit from Lenny Krevitz, make sure you stop in and decide for yourself.


L Gaite Lyrique – 3 bis rue Papin

This is one of Paris’ newest art venues which combines live musical performances, artistic libraries and movies all in a 3 story space controlled by the curator’s iPad! Very cutting edge and a must for modern art lovers.


Place Des Vosges

The oldest and most beautiful square in Paris. This is the perfect place to admire the surrounding homes and shops owned by some of the wealthiest Parisians and famed politicians. During the summer you can find people in bikinis lounging in the sun around the serene fountains and covered chestnut trees. One of the few parks where you can actually touch the grass in the spring and summer.


La Belle Hortense – 31 Rue Vieille du Temple, 4e

Love books and wine? Then this is the shop for you. Find peace from the bustling streets of the Marais inside this book shop/wine restaurant which contains rare, independent, and classic reads. The wine list is quite lengthy and as vintage as the books. The shop also hosts readings and literary events weekly.


Garrice26 rue Saint-Antoine

The best place in Paris to find luxury brand shoes. They are expensive but you definitely get what you pay for and are of the highest current fashion. Try to come during the sales week during the winter and spring months to save some cash.


L’Éclair de génie – 14 Rue Pavée

Had enough macarons and croissants for one day? The French are always on the verge of the newest food trends and this year it seems to be decadent eclairs. Offering a wide variety of flavors including vanilla and blackcurrant as well as praline cream with hazelnut, you will be left salivating for more.


Cirque d’Hiver Bouglione110 rue Amelot

One of the oldest circus’ in the world, the show runs from October to March and is full of acrobats, death-defying stunts, tigers, and an orchestra. Enjoy a French circus experience inside this beautiful historic interior run by the same family for decades.


Breizh Café109 rue Vieille du Temple

Reservations are a must at what could be the best crepe restaurant in Paris. They use only the highest quality ingredients and have a list of over 50 different ciders to accompany your savory crepes. You may even want to indulge in one of their inventive buckwheat galettes such as the Cancalaise, made with potato, smoked herring from Brittany and herring roe.


Fabien Breuvart – Images & Portraits

This little shop specializes in anonymous vintage photography. Find the perfect photo memento to remember your dreamy trip to Paris, boxes of funny, mysterious, and extraordinary images line the shop’s walls. These images tell thousands of stories and make for a tender afternoon of browsing and losing yourself in their charm. Fabien also offers portrait services and hosts a monthly exhibition.


FrenchTrotters128 Rue Vieille du Temple

This is a funky concept boutique in the Marais that is spread over two floors. Because the store is so big, you are more likely to find exactly what you are looking for! The store hosts an assortment of young and hip clothing, vintage accessories, and you can even find home goods and a beautiful selection of shoes. The place has great lighting and vibes and makes for a fab day out.


Karl Lagerfeld – 25 Rue Vieille du Temple

This the second concept store created by Karl Lagerfeld. The clothing is a mix of items including some of his own work, but also many other items including cell phone cases, wallets, and other items handpicked by his stylist. The shiny black facade can’t be missed with striking white neon silhouette of the designers own form. Make sure to stop in and be inspired while visiting the Marais.

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Mayor Flemming says:
5 years ago

Go to Victor Hugo’s house on Place des Vosges. It is an unpretentious sample of how people decorated their homes in that era.