Paris Excursions – A Romantic Weekend Away in Giverny

May 25, 2018

Giverny is most famous for being the home of famous impressionist painter Claude Monet. Monet passed by this picturesque Normandy village by train and decided to rent a home there, and eventually buy that very same home because he was so inspired by all the beauty that surrounded the area.

Why not follow in Monet’s footsteps and visit this gorgeous area yourself. Springtime is of course the perfect time to visit Giverny. Be awakened by the vivid colors and green sprouting up everywhere. Monet spent years creating the perfect garden that he wanted to paint. His water lily pond and Japanese style bridge create the perfect setting to getaway with your love and imagine yourself walking into one of his very own famous paintings.

The overall atmosphere of the area is serene and peaceful. If you are staying in Paris you can take a train directly to the beautiful medieval village of Vernon, once you arrive you can either walk or rent bikes at the station. There is a nicely paved walkway for you to ride or walk along until you arrive at Monet’s home and gardens. We recommend you leaving early because lines can get long in the springtime when everything is in full bloom, you can also save time by purchasing tickets in advance online. The best time to visit the gardens is from April to October.

After you finish in the gardens, make sure to take a peek inside Monet’s home where he raised his own family, and spent the best years of his life, the house itself is a museum where you can learn the full history of Monet’s life, artistic inspiration, and family past. Be inspired by the vibrant colors and classic furniture. Don’t forget to pack a picnic lunch!

You can ride or walk back out to the countryside and soak up the sunshine while you dine on baguettes and some fine wine. The medieval village of Vernon is well worth a visit too, only a short ride away from the gardens and full of gorgeous architecture, boulangeries, and vintage shops.

Monet considered his garden a gift to the world, and many visitors would agree it is one of the most beautiful places you will ever visit, don’t miss out on the chance to be inspired and walk into a rare painting. You won’t be disappointed by this surreal setting.

We highly recommend you purchase your tickets to Giverny in advance to avoid lines!

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