Hotel Highlight: Le Meurice

September 16, 2018

A look inside Le Meurice

Paris is full of luxurious 5 star hotels, but when it comes to staff kindness and hotel beauty which inspires, Le Meurice is a personal favorite. Le Meurice is owned and operated by the Dorchester Collection, a luxury hotel operator based in London. Situated on the infamous Rue Rivoli just across from the Tuileries gardens and within walking distance to the Louvre it makes for the perfect starting point to explore all that Paris has to offer.

The hotel itself is rich in history, as most buildings in Paris! Charles-Augustin Meurice saw an opportunity to cater to English speaking travelers and in 1815 he opened Le Meurice which included everything for the everyday traveler including apartments of various sizes, a lounge to make new friends, English speaking staff, as well as a currency exchange. Mr Meurice believed that “For an English traveler, no hotel in Paris offers more benefits than Le Meurice.”

A look inside Le Meurice

Even more interesting, during the WWII between 1940 and 1944, Le Meurice was chosen as the headquarters for the German occupation. General Dietrich von Choltitz, the military governor of Paris, resided here, who famously made history when he refused to burn Paris to the ground as Hitler had ordered at the end of the war.

But today, Le Meurice hotel is much calmer and has added famed chef, Alain Ducasse, to their restaurant offerings. Mr. Ducasse oversees all the food provided for guests, including room service. He has created an array of delicious treats for guests including his famous fruit shaped pastries. I highly recommend stopping in to taste his new pear pastry. What appears to be a real piece of fruit is then cracked open to reveal delicate vanilla cream and real pear bits wrapped in a delicious chocolate shell. This dessert is not to be missed.


Written by our Paris Network Developer, Krystal Kenney

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