Easter in Paris

March 31, 2018

Color is sprouting all around Paris, full of tulips and daffodils letting us know it’s that time of year again, Easter in France, or as they call it here, Pâques! The word Pâques derives from the latin word “pascha”, meaning “Passover”.

Along with chocolate easter bunnies, children in France receive chocolate bells and fish! The bells are representative the catholic tradition of silencing the church bells between good friday and Easter Sunday. The traditional French feast for Easter includes lamb which is symbolic of new life.

As for the chocolate fish, these delicious little chocolates are called Poisson d’Avril, or fish of April. It’s only this time of year you will find swarms of little fishes in local bakeries and shops. They come in all sizes and can sometimes be covered in blue and silver foil. They also come unwrapped and sold by their weight for those who need a little extra chocolate in their lives. These little fish were created for both Easter and as an April fools trick!

Poisson d’Avril appear just before April 1st when traditionally French children will jokingly stick a paper fish to the backs of unsuspecting adults and run away yelling “Poisson d’Avril”, in return, the adults will reward children with little chocolate fish for being fooled.

If you happen to be in Paris for Easter and are looking for a little holiday fun you have many options. We highly recommend you taking a little tour of the city to marvel at all the beautiful patisserie creations from chocolate fish to an assortment of other animals and of course those delectable chocolate eggs.

There are also many Easter concerts on for the weekend including one at the gorgeous Sainte Chapelle. Where you can enjoy the most beautiful glass windows in the city while listening to moving works of sacred music by Haydn, Mozart, Bach, and other famous composers.

You may also want to make a short day trip to Château Vaux-le-Vicomte which hosts an annual Easter egg hunt in their labyrinth of gardens!

There’s something on for everyone this holiday season in Paris!

Written by our Paris Network Developer, Krystal Kenney

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John swain says:
6 years ago

Loved this blog! So great to discover how a “tradition” originates. Another fun fact from the excellent Parisian guides. Rock on, you guys! Rock on!! What could be nicer than Paris in the spring?