Cooking with Veronique of Cuisine Elegante

October 20, 2018

At American Concierge we love to connect you with local French people who provide unique French experiences. For us, it’s not just having a great tour experience, but also a knowledgeable and fun guide! We would like to introduce you to Veronique of Cuisine Elegante! New to our team of experts, Veronique offers an array of food tours including a cooking class in her very own home.Paris Cooking Tours

Véronique was born in the French countryside outside of Paris and comes by her passion for food from her grandmother, who raised her and was the personal cook of the head of the Institut Pasteur, Jacques Tréfouel.

She is well versed in making classic French dishes and their modern variations. Fluent in English, she lived in London for four years where she studied at the Cordon Bleu. She is married to an American so has a special understanding of what visitors to Paris are looking for.

With over 30 years of cooking experience, Veronique helps visitors to discover their culinary skills through the art of French cooking. Many people are at first intimidated by the idea of creating such fine treats but after a few hours with Veronique, we can assure you that your skills will greatly improve and your belly will thank you.

She teaches our clients how to make an array of fine French dishes including: duck, lamb, and crème brûlée to name a few! You will meet Veronique at the local French market in a chic neighborhood where she will help you choose the freshest of ingredients to create a culinary masterpiece. You will soon discover Veronique’s energy and how it helps her to connect with many market vendors who will happily offer you tastings and more information on the products they so proudly serve. One of the most special experiences about French cooking is that each region is famous for a certain type of food. The Parisian market allows you to choose from the freshest of products based on the region.

Paris Cooking ToursAfter choosing the freshest market products you will return to Veroniques home and join her in the kitchen to cook your favorite dishes. You can be sure the kitchen will be full of not just tasty smells but also laughter as Veronique is a joy to be around. Once your masterpiece is complete you will sit at a proper French table setting and share in more laughs and connections around a French table enjoying all that you have created together.

Bon Appétit from American Concierge!

Written by our Paris Network Developer, Krystal Kenney

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