5 Reasons Why I Use City Bikes

May 13, 2016

5 Reasons I use city bikesI’ve always loved biking. I’ve been fortunate to do it all over the world. When given a choice of where to bike, remote open roads with ocean, lake or mountain vistas, wins my heart every time. Concrete jungles filled with street traffic and pedestrians have been traditionally non-friendly places to ride a bike. However, that’s changing quickly as various cities and countries invest in biking infrastructure.

Today, city bike programs around the world have become wildly popular and I’m a huge fan for the following five reasons.

1. Quicker – I’m constantly amazed how efficient some cities are when it comes to their metro systems. New York & Paris are two of the best. If you don’t trust Google’s bike versus NYC’s MTA or Paris’ Metro, take a look at this. For almost a decade NYC held an annual commuter race between bike, car and train – the bike won every time.

2. Cheaper – If you live in a city with a bike program, getting a yearly membership is sometimes cheaper than a monthly subway pass. If you’re visiting a city with a bike program, consider a day pass versus a single use so you can get the most out of it.

3. More Interesting – In places like Paris and New York, you’ll see a lot more and get your bearings quicker by using the local bike program. In Paris for instance, AmericanConcierge.com offers free bike passes when you book two or more private tours. Our concierges will even take you to and from their unique tours via bike if you like.

4. Healthier – Simple enough to say it’s free exercise and the benefits of daily cardio are indisputable. Specifically, biking has proven to help prevent serious diseases such as stroke, heart attach some cancers, and arthritis. (more info here)

5. Carbon Neutral – If you need a final excuse, think of the environment. Cities generate a lot of pollution, especially with cars in standstill traffic. Hop on a bike and reduce the carbon footprint of your city and the ones you visit.

Written by: Michael Carr, Marketing & Client Success of AmericanConcierge.com


If you do get out there and ride, a word of caution: heed traffic signs, watch out for cars opening their doors, stay in the bike lane, and of course, don’t forget to kick the tires before you hop on!

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