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Four Lessons I learned Traveling Outside the US

When it comes to traveling, and learning, most people say you don’t truly know someone until you travel with them. Now that I’ve been outside the US, I agree. You learn a lot (maybe too much) about your travel companions, but I didn’t expect to learn just as much about myself. I didn’t travel as […]

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Planning the PERFECT International Vacation

Nine Simple Rules When was the last time you took a vacation? I don’t mean the long-weekend that left you more exhausted than before you left. I’m talking about a real vacation where you come back relaxed, refreshed, and ready to tackle work and life with renewed optimism and vigor. I’m talking about the kind […]

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Why you should visit Paris this October

To be a part of an exclusive experience! The founder of, Sharon Carr, is inviting you to attend a unique and in-depth experience in Paris this October and we’re calling it “Six Shades of Paris”. What is the Six Shades of Paris? L’Arte, L’Architecture, La Cuisine, L’Histoire, Music et Le Mode. Six Shades was […]

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How much should I tip in France?

Tips are expected in America, but how much should I tip in France? Given the frequency of this question we thought it would be helpful to breakdown a few scenarios you are likely to encounter while traveling. Contact us if you have any further questions! Bon Voyage! —— Restaurants The service charge is included in the […]

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Madison King’s Birthday Blog 2017

Each day in Paris can be a culinary adventure. Even after living and working in this city for 18 years, I find new experiences around every corner. I recently celebrated my 63rd birthday here in Paris, where I am happily married and the father of a family. We decided to celebrate at home—where my family […]

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French Fromage: French Cheese Tips & Favorite Paris Shops

The mere mention of French cheese makes most people swoon with thoughts of indulging in creamy Brie, Roquefort, Camembert, flaky chèvre and aged Mimolette. In the United States, cheese is served as a casual snack, or as something to munch on with wine. In France, it’s a much more serious affair; cheese is served at […]

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